PLEASE NOTE: The Service Date listed may reflect the date of passing instead if the family has not yet made arrangements for services. Please consult each individual obituary listing to confirm the Service Date.

  Name of Deceased Date of Passing
Dorothy Nichols 04/30/2016
Martin Salley 04/28/2016
Marlene E. McCarthy 04/27/2016
Andrew L. Gavlek 04/22/2016
Sharon Marie (Hazzard) Johnson 04/21/2016
Gail Thomas Ignat 04/19/2016
Ivan Ryan 03/24/2016
Ruth Ann Mackie 04/18/2016
Beverly Jane (Banka) Spodeck 04/16/2016
M. June Hassell 04/17/2016
Brent Gould 04/16/2016
Judith Wiltzius 04/16/2016
Mary Anne Kroll 04/15/2016
Edward Pyke 03/23/2016
Robert Young 04/10/2016
Mary I. Dunsmore 04/08/2016
Janet Lee LaVigne 04/01/2016
Marion O. Leisenring 03/26/2016
Mary Suzanne DePuydt 03/23/2016
Edward S. Pyke 03/23/2016
Donald Vadasy 11/02/2015

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